Masters Fantasy Baseball Leagues - Rotisserie Live Draft League Rules

League Overview:

12 teams / No divisions. League play is Rotisserie style. Leagues may run with as few as 10 teams.

All leagues have real time scoring.

All Masters Fantasy Baseball Leagues use the same format (see League Scoring).

Live Draft Leagues – 30 round serpentine draft.

In a Rotisserie League, your goal is to have your team perform best across a number of statistical categories. After each day's games, all teams are ranked from first to last in each category, and points are awarded according to the order of finish. These rankings are based on the total of all stats earned by all active players over the course of the season. They may change following each day's game. Each category's points are then totaled to determine an overall score and place. The team in each league that ends the season with the most points wins that league championship.


Live Drafts: Your team roster is updated as you make the selections online! The draft timer will be set to 60 seconds per selection. This type of draft will normally take 2 hours to complete. The draft order for all drafts will be random. See league home page for more information about the draft.

All draft times are approximate. They will start no earlier than the scheduled start time and then run every fifteen minutes thereafter. You will receive an email with your exact start time and there will be a countdown clock on your league home page. It is your responsibility to be logged in and ready for your draft 15 minutes prior to the start time. If you do not make the live draft, the computer will draft your team for you using ADP (average draft position).

Teams will be able to pre-rank players ahead of the draft in case of technical disconnections from the draft or for team owners that need to step away during the draft. If you are not available online or do not pick a player in the allocated time, this list will be used to pick players for your team. If you do not have pre-ranked players listed, your team will be set to auto-pick and will remain on auto-pick until you turn it off.

All picks placed through the Master’s Fantasy Baseball software are final. Mistakes cannot be undone and refunds will not be given for mistakes.

Players can be drafted from the player list that is provided in the Master’s Fantasy Baseball software. The player list will include players from all 30 Major League Baseball rosters and will also include minor leaguers. If a player is not listed in the system, you won't be able to draft that player.

Players must have played 20 games in the previous season or 10 games during the current season to qualify at a certain position. If a player didn't play at least 20 games in the majors last year, he will qualify at the position Masters designates as the player's primary position until he plays 10 games and qualifies at another position. If a player changes position or is promoted to the majors at a different position, he will still retain the ability to play at his original position. WE WILL NOT DEVIATE FROM THIS – WE FOLLOW MLB.COM’S DESIGNATIONS ON ALL PLAYERS (INCLUDING FOREIGN PLAYERS WHO HAVE NOT PLAYED A MLB GAME YET).

There is no trading during the draft. Please see "Trades".

In the event an owner allows the time limit to expire, the league software will immediately select the best player available using current average draft position data and until you sign in it will continue to do so.

Player Eligibility: Only players currently in MLB, which means they are on a MLB team roster, are currently a MLB free agent player in search of a team or rookie players that were drafted to an MLB team (even if they’re unsigned) are eligible for the fantasy draft.


Masters Fantasy Baseball runs throughout the entire baseball regular season. The first lineup deadline is Opening Day. Any draft taking place on Opening Day OR after will be setting lineups for week 2 (which starts the following Monday).

Note: Statistics from makeup games and game 163 tiebreakers will NOT be included in the scoring for all leagues.

Free Agents:

During the pre-season and the regular season owners can make free agent requests for the following week until 12pm EST (9am PT) each Saturday. Each week, free agent pickups will be processed on Saturday at approximately 12pm EST (9am PT). Any players that are added to or dropped from a team during the free agent pickup process will affect the following Monday's lineup. If your draft is after the start of the MLB season, you will be able to begin submitting free agent requests the day after your draft and the first time free agent pickups will be processed is at approximately 12pm EST (9am PT) on the following Saturday.

Free agent requests are processed in a series of rounds just like a draft. The order is determined by reverse order of the standings. Note - in the pre-season the order is determined randomly each week. The standings that are used are the ones that are available at the time of the free agent request deadline. During the first round of the claims process, the last place team gets the first pick. Then the second-to-last place team gets a pick and so forth. This order will repeat for each subsequent round. You need to choose a player to be released when you pick up a free agent. This released player is available in the free agent pool the following week.

First Come - First Served will begin once the regular season starts. This period will run from 3pm EST on Saturday until 12pm EST on Monday each week.

Any player not currently on an active league roster is a free agent.

If your team roster is full and you acquire a player, then you must drop a player.

Players picked up are available immediately for that week's action or for trade to another team.

"Dropped Players" and "Waiver Wire Transactions" are final. That being said, from time-to-time owners accidentally drop players. The owner might confuse player's names or simply click the wrong button. When this happens, just email us and we will correct it. It is imperative that we are notified prior to the player being picked up in the next free agent processing period. If the player is awarded to another team, he will remain there and it is final.

Dropped Players will not be available on Waivers until the next free agency period.


All Masters Fantasy Baseball Leagues use a 5x5 Rotisserie Scoring System.

Hitter Stat Categories: Home Runs, Runs Batted In, Batting Average, Stolen Bases and Runs Scored.

Pitcher Stat Categories: Wins, Saves, Earned Run Average, WHIP and Strikeouts.

The maximum number of points that a team can earn is equal to the number of scoring categories within a league (10) multiplied by the number of teams in the league (12). Similarly, the lowest number of points that a team can earn is equal to the number of scoring categories (10) multiplied by one (the lowest score that can be achieved in any category). So, the lowest point total possible is 12 (12x1) and the highest is 120 (12x10).

Standings reflect cumulative season stats and not any single-day accumulation of stats. Your total may rise or fall from day-to-day depending on how your rank in each category was impacted by the addition of the stats from the most recently completed day.

Weekly Starting Lineup:

There are 23 active lineup spots, which are:
2 Catchers
1 First Baseman
1 Second Baseman
1 Shortstop
1 Third Baseman
5 Outfielders
1 Corner Infielder
1 Middle Infielder
1 Utility Players (any hitter)
9 Pitchers (900 minimum innings pitched required)*

*If you fail to meet the minimum innings requirement, you will automatically be dropped to last in ERA and WHIP. Should multiple teams violate the inning requirements, they will all be dropped to the bottom, but remain in the order they finish (best to worst).

The players that are not in your active lineup will be on your reserve roster. Your reserve roster will consist of 7 players – regardless of position (batter or pitcher). There is no disabled list.

Deadlines: The deadline to change your starting lineup is on Monday of each week. You can change a player's lineup status up until the player's game begins on Monday as long as it does not violate the starting lineup rules.

Players are only eligible to play at the position(s) designated by Masters, and some players may be eligible at more than one spot.

All managers can set rosters for dates in the future by going to the proper day on their team page and making the needed changes. However, all future lineups will be lost if a current player is dropped or traded, or if a new player is added to the current roster.


A trade consists of one manager exchanging a player or players with another manager in the same league. Trading MUST BE balanced and cannot exceed a total of 4 players (1 for 1 OR 2 for 2).

To propose a trade, go to your team page and select Propose Trade, which allows you to select the team and player(s) you wish to trade. An email will be sent to the other manager offering your proposed trade. That manager can then go to his/her team page to view the proposal, accept it, decline it or make a counter offer. There must be consent from both managers for a trade to be completed. If no action is taken in 10 days, the offer will automatically be canceled.

Please be sure to keep tabs on the trades that you have offered to other managers. So long as a trade is in the offered state, it can still be accepted. Therefore, there is a possibility that a trade is accepted after a player is injured, demoted, etc. Masters will not intervene in such events.

If your trade is rejected, you will receive an email notifying you of that result.

If a counter-offer is made, you will receive an email detailing the new proposal.

If the offer is accepted, a member of the Masters staff will review the trade. If the trade in question appears to be overly biased or unfair towards one team, the trade will be overturned. If the trade in question is determined to be fair the trade will be allowed. All decisions on trades are final. Please keep in mind that on paper a trade may look overly biased towards one team, but makes complete sense for the teams involved. We will take this into consideration when reviewing all trades.

In order for a trade to be valid, all players involved must still be on the same team they were when the deal was accepted. If they are not, the trade will automatically be rejected. In order to prevent players involved in pending trades from being dropped or waived, managers will not be allowed to make any such transactions involving any players involved a trade once it has been accepted.

At no time will any manager be allowed to have more than ten pending trades per league.




League Prizes:

All prizes won are paid at the end of the season. Prize money is shipped via the U.S. Postal Service within 14 days of the end of the season. Please allow up to 10 days for delivery. If your address changes at all during the season, then you must let us know to make sure you can receive your prize money.


Conduct: Conduct that is deemed detrimental to the league or to Masters Fantasy Baseball will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, posts and or emails that are harassing in nature and serve no legitimate purpose other than to cause discord within the league or the Masters Fantasy Baseball organization. There is a difference between expressing viewpoints or likes/dislikes of a league or format and personal attacks toward fellow owners or the commissioner. Also, vulgarity in emails or on the message board will not be tolerated.

Failure to comply may result in IMMEDIATE EXPULSION WITHOUT REFUND. In addition, attempts to negatively impact the integrity of the league (i.e. threatening or outright refusal to submit lineups, partaking in bogus trades, disruption of a live draft etc.) will result in an immediate expulsion, without refund, from Masters Fantasy Baseball.